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MediStar, an Etransmedia Company

Ensuring the Financial Health of Your Practice

Healthcare is more than your vocation ... it's your business!

MediaStar is now an Etransmedia Company and will continue to deliver quality healthcare, your practice must be financially healthy. MediStar practice management experts can ensure that you receive timely and proper reimbursement for the medical services that you perform.

With our experienced MediStar staff tending to the business side of your practice, you can focus your attention on the needs of your patients. MediStar will continue to help healthcare professionals to improve their operations and their profits. Today, we are large enough to have broad, deep experience in the key Revenue Cycle functions of billing, coding, and compliance. At the same time, the company is still small and agile enough to deliver on its fundamental promise – to provide unsurpassed attention, support, and direction to each and every client we serve.

We offer the deep base of knowledge members of our staff have relative to the intricacies of coding which has proven immensely helpful to our clients, who depend on us to educate providers and their staff regarding coding and compliance changes.

We also offer a financial analytics software solution that delivers unmatched reporting, our financial analysis software provides administrators and providers dynamic access into the status of their receivables and other key practice management data. It will enable executives, managers, business analysts, physicians and other users, to analyze, share and report on their business information. This allows users to access business data quickly and securely, in an easy-to- use and intuitive format. It will take the burden off of your IS/IT staff, and empowers your users with a portable, “always there” source for business intelligence. It allows users to be informed about the wide variety of data inherent in a sophisticated billing, receivables management, productivity and clinical database.